Is ‘Tippex’ Dead?


Well if sales are anything to go by the answer would have to be a resounding ….”yes”. Remember the old bottle and brush? As ever, the demise of one thing spawns the birth of another, in this case the correction mouse!


Ultimately certain office products tend to die away to become relics of history, residing only in the memory and the archives. Who can remember using carbon paper to create a carbon copy? Once upon a time it was an absolute office essential along with typewriter ribbons! Remember the 5¼ diskette? Quite revolutionary at the time but now laid to rest in that great office products cupboard in the sky, with the thermal fax roll on its last legs too and due to join it any minute!


Fortunately or not, the Tippex bottle and brush are in just the same boat. It was so revolutionary, so useful, convenient and easy to use. Just dab a blob of white paint on your errors. Originally invented by the mum of Mike Nesmith, one of the Monkees (the one with the woolly hat!), it soon became a fixture in offices the world over. Sadly, with the advent of electronic printers and a different culture means we are just as likely these days to reprint the entire document in less time than it took to open the bottle, get through the crusty bit at the top and flourish your brush like Michelangelo.


Tell us what memories you have of bygone office essentials that have gone the way of the Dodo!


Here lies......

Here lies Tippex?


Nostalgic Billy Dec 2011


P.S. Just so I don’t upset anyone or find myself on the wrong end of a lawsuit, I do of course mean all forms of correction fluid, not just a particular German company’s specific product which bears a brand name that has become synonymous with that product and all its competitors! Phew!


(ed.-Thanks for clearing that up Billy!)

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