GBC Wirebind W20 – A Review by Office Mojo

GBC wirebind W20

Every successful small business needs a binding machine. A neatly wire-bound document speaks of professionalism and attention to the small details – exactly the message that any company wants to give out to prospective clients, partners or business associates. And if you are going to embark on the world of binding then you need the most appropriate tool for the job! This is a short review on the GBC Wirebind W20 and why we here at Office Mojo think it ticks all the boxes.

Firstly, we generally prefer wire-bound to comb-bound documents because not only do they look more professional but there is no risk of that renegade comb tooth popping out of its hole! That just looks messy and tacky. The Wirebind W20 is so called because the machine allows you to punch up to 20 sheets at once – you can of course bind documents consisting of many more pages but you will have to punch them in stages. The punching lever is rather large so that the effort involved is minimal.

There is a gauge on the binder that measures the width of your punched papers and informs you of which size binding wire is the most appropriate. Once you have selected the optimum wire you must begin the seemingly tricky process of threading it through the punched papers. This is actually quite easy due to the teeth attached to the machine that hold the wire in place as you thread it through.

Now you are ready to clamp shut your binding wire. The Wirebind W20 of course has the perfect tool for this as well; simply dip the wire into a vice in the machine and clamp shut with a lever – there is even an option to select the size of the binding wire to ensure that the vice clamps to form a perfect circle. You don’t want to squash your wire flat and lose the professional touch you’ve worked so hard to achieve!

The GBC Wirebind W20 is neither at the top nor the bottom end of the price spectrum but we here at Office Mojo believe it be right at the very top of the quality and value for money spectrum!

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5 Star Telephone Wipes – product review

The Need for Telephone Hygiene

5 Star telephone wipesHealth and safety at work has become a source of ridicule in recent years, with many feeling things have gone a bit OTT. The stores are full of products to help us kill “all known germs dead” or “99% of bacteria” etc. To some it might all feel a bit excessive.
Office hygiene rears it’s head from time to time, and especially at this time of year with coughs and colds doing the rounds.
Telephones are an easy route to spreading bugs between work colleagues, especially if you share one telephone or if you are job sharing.
Telephone wipes are an easy way of keeping the handsets and dialling buttons clean, and helping reduce the spread of infections.

Choosing Between a Tub or Individual 5 Star Telephone Wipes

These 5 Star telephone wipes are available in tubs or come individually wrapped. How do you chose and which is the best?
In this short video Stuart sets out to find the answer.
Even with the sound turned off his facial expressions show exactly what he thinks.

I think it’s fairly obvious which product Stuart thinks is the best.

Buy your own 5 Star Telephone Wipes

5 Star telephone wipesIf you have any questions about the 5 Star telephone wipes, or any of our other products please just get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day 2013

IT’s HERE!! – January 28th is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Jiffy recycled bubble wrap
Set up in the USA a few years ago to “celebrate” the phenomenon that is bubble wrap, we thought we would join in this year and do our bit in the UK.

Bubble wrap is amazing stuff, such a simple idea but so versatile. Obviously if you need to post or package fragile things it’s a godsend, but if you get creative just look at what you can do!

Serious Contenders for Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

  • A bubble wrap printe
  • Well if it's good en
  • ?
  • These children look
  • Bubble wrap inspired
  • Bubble wrap trousers
  • Said it before - but
  • Bubble wrap is defin
  • Bubble wrap in fashi
  • An art installation
  • Who knew bubble wrap
  • An elephant bubble w
  • Another bubble wrap
  • Wow - that is a LOT
  • Protect your garden
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My favourites have got to be the Bubble Wrap Calendar and the armoured personnel carrier covered in bubble wrap. That just messes with your head a little bit doesn’t it?!
If you feel like getting creative and doing something different with your old bits of bubble wrap, to join in bubble wrap appreciation day, have a go and let us know!

Popping Bubble Wrap

The second best thing after getting creative with bubble wrap, has to be popping it. As a stress reliever or just as a bit of fun, there is something very satisfying about hearing all those little bubbles go pop.
In celebration of Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day 2013 we had a little competition to think up unusual ways of popping bubble wrap. Here are the results.

Popping bubble wrap - the head press

The Head Press (No staff members were hurt in the production of this photograph)

Bubble wrap popping - the head stand

Not sure the headstand method would catch on

Bubble wrap popping - typing

Heavy handed typing (Not great for the keyboard)

Bubble Wrap popping - the chair wheel

The chair wheel – A low effort option

Bubble wrap popping - the chin chest press

The Chin chest press – Gets easier the more chins you have!

Bubble wrap popping - the bicycle

The Bicycle – definitely the most sporty option

There you have it. Our contribution to Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day.

How do you pop yours?

bubble wrap rollIf you need to get your hands on some bubble wrap, hop over to our online catalogue.

Buy your own rolls, boxes and envelopes of bubble wrap

If you have any questions about any of our bubble wrap stuff, or any of our other products please just get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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5 Star Pocket Calculator HH12D – product review

This little 5 Star Pocket Calculator (HH12D) is a great little solar powered calculator.
All of the standard features and with the benefit of solar power and additional functionality for small business owners, this is definitely worth considering.

5 Star Pocket Calculator HH12D Product Review

Obviously this is not a big beast of a calculator and the functionality is only fairly straight forward, however as a simple, easy to use tool for working out your basic number problems this little chap could probably have a good go.
By now you will know that Stuart is not a man to mince his words, so bearing in mind what he thinks about this little 5 Star pocket calculator, I think it’s fair to say that at £2.38 this is a pretty good buy. In fact at that price you could treat everyone in the office to a new one!

Buy your own 5 Star Pocket Calculator

5 star pocket calculator HH12D
If you have any questions about the 5 Star pocket calculator range, or any of our other products please just get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Rexel Crystalfiles Suspension Files – Tips for using

Reflex crystalfiles box
Rexel Crystalfiles suspension files, are a staple (another stationery reference!) in most offices. The unsung hero or heroine of office storage and administration.
It’s one of those very simple but very effective products that we would struggle to do without now.

If you are looking to use this product in your office, then in our opinion, they are an excellent choice.

Here are a few tips for buying and using your Rexel Crystalfiles suspension files.

What do you get?

Reflex crystalfiles what you getThe files come in boxes of 50 and you can choose from Red, Blue, Green or Orange files. The index cards are all white.
When you are buying these suspension files you don’t need to worry about anything else. The box comes complete with the suspension files, white card perforated inserts and plastic tabs to hold the index card inserts.

How do you use Rexel Crystalfiles suspension files?

Rexel crystalfiles suspention fileThe files come separated in the box. To put them together just clip the long green metal edge of one file over the top of the plain silver metal edge of the next file. This way when you pull one file forward in the draw the others will follow and won’t leave gaps between, where you could miss file things.

Once you have clipped the files together you need to write the card inserts.
When writing on the inserts try to keep your writing as neat as possible. Either write in upper case and lower case but don’t mix it as it makes it more difficult to read them.
I prefer upper case as it means I can read the labels in the bottom draw without having to bend down!

If you make a mistake on the inserts you can simply turn it over and use the other side! You can buy spare card inserts so don’t worry too much if you change your mind or make a few mistakes.

Once you are up and running

Rexel crystalfiles in useSo we can see all of the tabs at one go, we space them out across the width of the files. Don’t line them all up one behind the other – unless you like that kind of symmetry & order!

Try and keep your filing together, for example keep files on your utility bills, or stationery ordering together. Don’t have the electricity bill in one drawer and your gas and water bills in another!
It’s much easier to find files that you know have been previously “clumped “ together.

If you have any unused files or tabs, place them at the back of the filing cabinet and put the tabs and unused inserts into an empty file at the very back. This is a good place to keep them for the future!

Buy your own Rexel Crystalfiles suspension files

Crytafiles suspension files
If you have any questions about the Rexel range, or any of our other products please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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5 Star General Office Wipes – Product Review

In this video Stuart reviews the 5 Star General Office Wipes.

We promise to always give you an honest opinion in our reviews and this video is no exception.
It’s fair to say Stuart was not that impressed!

Watch & enjoy!

5 Star General Office Wipes – Product Review

Afraid it’s a thumbs down from Office Mojo!

The 5 Star General Office Wipes turned out to be fairly disappointing. Stuart found that the quality was just not up to standard. The wipes weren’t particularly wet, they were tearing as they were being dispensed and it felt like he was loosing half of the product before he even started.

Fear not though we have lots of other office wipe options available.

You can buy your supply of other Office cleaning wipes
from the Office Mojo website

If you have any questions about our range of cleaning products, or anything else officey please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Money Saving Ideas For Setting Up Your First Office

Stuart - the big cheese at Office MojoWe all have to start somewhere and when we started up our first stationery supply company we started small. In fact when I say we, I mean I. It was just me!

The first challenge I faced, as many small businesses do, was finding somewhere to base the business from that was cheap and practical.

Here are my money saving ideas for setting up your first office. Things that I have learnt along the way.

Working from Home

Surely the cheapest place to start a business is from home. No need to find office space and consume vital start up monies in rental expenditure. It’s cheap, flexible and there are no travel restrictions. You can work till midnight and beyond and still be home in 2 minutes.  Install a separate telephone line and who would know?

Answer an important phone call in your pyjamas and speak to that important Client whilst putting your kettle on!  And if you have children at home there is no need for a child minder – providing you can keep them quiet!

Getting out of the House

If you don’t want to work from home think of other places you can work cheaply. You only have to look at the Author of Harry Potter J K Rowling for the best inspiration of all. She famously penned many large parts of her books sitting in a coffee shop using their wireless Internet facilities.

There is nothing wrong with using this approach to working. For the price of a latte she was able to sit there warm and dry while she worked and even had a bit of human interaction and could use the toilets!
Now this approach may not be for everyone, but it does have its merits, and goes to show that it can be done and at virtually no cost. There are many other places offering free wireless connections in great locations that would be lovely to work in, so why not try that as your first option!

Borrow Some Desk Space

If however you are unable to use the facilities of home, then the next best option could be to speak to a friend who has their own business and ask if you could use some of their space for free. They may be obliging but if not, perhaps you could negotiate a very cheap and non contractual flexible term with them. They might not feel the need to go through the financial references and securities that other places might require.  Depending on the relationship you have, hopefully they might take a lenient attitude in trying to help you by being open, flexible and possibly extending payment terms to you. However be careful because not paying them could end up in tears and losing a friend as well as your business idea.

Collaborative Working

Conversely there could be mutual benefit by the two of you working in close proximity.  You could share transport costs by travelling together and you might be able to offer your friend or colleague a little time in covering for lunches or even keeping an ‘eye’ on their staff.   After all you have no vested interest in their business, so could give an impartial view on their staff’s activities and working practices.  Of course this is by no means your role but if your friend values your opinion, this would give them a view of their business through a different set of eyes, which might prove really useful to them.

Using a Virtual Office

If you don’t want the expense of an actual office but want to give the impression of being well established, using a virtual office service is something to consider.
Basically you work from home or a coffee shop, but use the services of a virtual office provider, who gives you the use of their address and a phone messaging service.
Obviously there is a charge for this service, and it does rely on you being able to pop in to collect any post, but if you receive little in the form of mail and do not ever need to see clients face to face this is a great option.
Some virtual offices do have meeting rooms you can hire at a discount rate too, so if you did need to see a client you could do that at the premises.

Using Serviced Offices

Serviced offices are another step up again. Here you get a dedicated office, phone and internet connection and often a reception and telephone service and sometimes basic office furniture too.
This can be a way of giving the impression of a well established business as you can put your telephone number and the address of the serviced offices on all of your documentation like your website, business card, invoices etc.
Many serviced offices provide receptionists who will take telephone messages for you, whereby you only pay for the number of telephone messages received.
There are many of these serviced offices available so you just need to find one near you and negotiate the terms for the services you required.  Some also offer a fax receiving service, meeting room options and other facilities too. 
Obviously this comes at a cost, but if you have got the cash to fund this type of office set up

Once  you have your office and telephone numbers set up (and possibly your website), all you need are some orders to get to the next stage!

Hopefully my money saving ideas for setting up your first office will help get you going – Good Luck

If you have any questions about how I / we got started, or anything else officey please do get in touch, I / we’d love to hear from you.

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Bic Velleda Whiteboard Pens – Product Review

Bic Velleda Whiteboard pensHere is the next in our series of product reviews. In this short video Stuart talks about the Bic Velleda Whiteboard (Dry wipe) pens.

We were slightly unsure about doing video reviews of pens, because we thought there wasn’t that much you could say about a pen. However our previous pen review, of the Pilot Frixion pens is our most watched video on YouTube, with almost 400 views, so we hope you find this video just as compelling.

Watch & enjoy.

Bic Velleda Whiteboard (Dry wipe) pens – Product Review

Buy your own Bic Velleda Whiteboard pens

If you have any questions about the Bic Velleda range, or any of our other products please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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Super Sticky Post-it notes – Product Test

Super sticky Post-it pad
Like most people the Post-it note is an absolute staple part of the Office Mojo office. They are just so useful. We use them for everything from taking phone messages, doing the lunchtime sandwich run and as notes to remind us to turn the lights off when we leave the office. In short, we love them and can’t imagine office life without them now.
So when 3M came up with the new Super Sticky version we wondered what they were doing.
Wasn’t it just over engineering an already successful product?

So I decided to try and find out how sticky the 3M Super Sticky Post-it notes really are.

3M Super Sticky Post it notes – A little experiment

Super sticky Post-it testAs a little experiment (not scientifically rigorous) I tried leaving a “super sticky” on my computer screen and an unbranded “5 Star” one next to it to see which would last the longest.

The truth is that after about two weeks I realised that they were both going to stay there until I moved them. I got bored with my own experiment so threw them both away. I mean how long do you leave a Post-it note stuck somewhere for anyway? They are supposed to be used and thrown away once the reminder or task is complete anyway.

So my view is that the unbranded ones are just as good as the branded ones. They both stayed in place for two weeks, which is probably all we need a sticky note to do.
Some people do like to buy the big brands, but when was the last time someone came into your office and stopped dead in their tracks and said

Oh I see you are using Super Sticky Post-it notes rather than the regular ones

Save your money – very few people care.

Buy 5 Star Re-move notes

Buy Super Sticky Post-it notes

If you have any questions about the super sticky Post-it notes range, or any of our other products please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.

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How to fix the lock on a Bisley Filing Cabinet

Bisley filing cabinet

If you have a Bisley filing cabinet that is playing up STOP and read this before you get rid of the cabinet.

We recently had an interesting situation when we had to fix the lock on a Bisley filing cabinet.
My wife started the ball rolling with

I don’t know what I have done but I can’t get into the filing cabinet. Please look at it before I cry!

Obviously I had to drop everything, pay attention and figure out why she couldn’t open the cabinet.

We have a two drawer Bisley coffee and cream cabinet and the problem appeared to be that the lock was jammed (Holmes is indeed my middle name!).

Man V’s Filing Cabinet

First of all I tried the man thing, by pulling on the drawers while turning the key and applying different pressures on both the key and the drawers at different times.

But I couldn’t get in.

Then I thought Google would have the answer, but little came up. Yes there are ways to break into the cabinet by ‘picking’ the lock but I was not about to start straightening hair clips and give that a go.

I read that some cabinets are able to be opened by tilting the whole cabinet forward and looking for a small hole in the base where I was advised to stick my finger in and try feeling for the bottom of a rod which might then release the lock.

Unfortunately, Bisley cabinets are too good for that and there are no little finger holes. What would be the point of locking them then?

I then got manly again and tried sliding a blunt knife up between the edge of the drawer and side of the cabinet to try to release whatever might be jamming it.
Again, no good.

Man V’s Bisley

I then thought I would phone up Bisley to ask them how I could fix the lock on a Bisley filing cabinet. Now this is the interesting part:

We are an office supplies company so I thought that we would easily be able to get the help we needed from Bisley, but the information that came back was less than helpful.

Either I had to prove where the cabinet had been purchased from by way of a receipt (interesting I thought, if it was inside the cabinet!) or else pay for a technician from the company to come and see it. We didn’t explore that possibility as we thought it would be easier and cheaper to get a new cabinet!

So we left it to a greater man than I, to have a go.

A Different Man V’s Filing Cabinet

Our warehouse man went to try and to get into the cabinet using a different approach. More brain less brawn.

He laid the cabinet on its side and tried the key and this time he opened it. He wondered why he was so lucky and whilst it was still on it’s side he locked it again and turned it right side up. Then it wouldn’t open!! So he lay it on its side again and it opened!

How to fix the lock on a Bisley filing cabinetThis time he then turned it right side up and unscrewed the 4 small screws that hold the top in place. He then lifted the top off and discovered it was the lock that was worn and needed replacing.

How to fix the lock on a Bisley filing cabinet - no lidWe were easily able to order a new lock, and in the period it took to arrive we had access to the cabinet even if it had no lid!

Once the lock arrived it was simply a matter of applying pressure to the small pieces of metal that are designed to keep the lock in place, to get the old one out and put the new one in. We replaced the lid and it has been fine since!

We would love to hear your experiences of having to fix the lock on a Bisley filing cabinet.
Just use the comments link below to leave us your message.

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